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WANTED:  Water Plant & Wastewater Plant Operator/Technician Grade 1-2

Performs duties required relating to water production at the Water/Wastewater Plant, including maintenance and repair of building, grounds, filtration, and feed equipment, wells, pumps and motors, water towers, and well field. Performs associated testing, monitoring, and recording required by local, state, and federal law. Performs skilled and routine tasks involving customer services in adjusting and installing water taps, meters and other types of customer services.

The successful candidate, upon job offer, must pass a drug screen and will be included in random drug testing program.  Starting wage is commensurate with experience.  This is a full-time position includes a generous benefit package.  Send resume and/or application to: Lamoni Municipal Utilities, 111 S. Chestnut Street, Lamoni, IA  50140.  For questions, contact our office, 641-784-6911, Monday through Friday, during normal business hours. Applications will be accepted until position is filled.

Click here to download an application:  LMU Job Application


Lamoni Municipal Utilities provides the city with electric, water, wastewater, and natural gas services. Our focus remains constant as to being able to provide dependable service at the best possible value. The Lamoni community has enjoyed this benefit do to LMU being a locally owned, not-for-profit utility since 1935.

LMU is governed by the Lamoni City Council. The City Council meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at 7:00 p.m. Agenda items pertaining to the utility is normally scheduled on the 2nd Thursday of each month. For more information on the City Council, click here.