Establishing Services

Customer must contact the Utility Office in person or by phone to initiate service.  A minimum notice of two business days is required to guarantee service.  A meter reading will be obtained on the date requested and the account will be activated for billing if the procedures below are satisfied.

New Customers

Customers who have not previously had utilities in their name must come to the Utility Office to complete an application for service and place a deposit for utilities.  The deposit is the highest amount for each service in the previous calendar year or in a prior year in which that service was active.

Existing and Prior Customers

Customers that have had service in their name within the past 12 months and are in good standing are not required to place a deposit.  The Utility staff will request the necessary information to update the account and initiate service.  All account balances for existing and/or prior accounts must be current before a new account is established.