Electric Service Rules

No connection fee is charged. 

Aid-in-Construction fees for standard three wire 240-volt meter sets and upgrades are:

100-amp service - $350.00

200-amp service - $625.00

Upgrade from 60-amp to 100-amp - $350.00

Upgrade from 60-amp to 200-amp - $625.00

Upgrade from 100-amp to 200-amp - $350.00

The owner shall provide the trench for installation of the wire from the meter to the main panel box or breaker panel and the connections at both points.  The owner is responsible for an Aid-in-Construction fee for a new service requiring a new transformer, which will include the cost of the transformer setting and line extension to the transformer.

Irregular services such as 400-amp or higher, or 3-phase power require an Aid-in-Construction charge to include metering, materials, equipment and labor.  Primary line extensions, which are necessary for irregular service installation, will be added to the Aid-in-Construction charge.  The cost of installing the irregular service setting will be paid prior to construction.  All lines and appurtenances after the meter are the responsibility of the owner.  All new primary feeds and services wiring are constructed underground.

Subcontractors and/or engineering charges that result from the customer/developer’s project, and are a direct benefit or result of the customer/developer needs are the responsibility of the customer/developer.

Customer charges for commercial/industrial utility services/installations will equal, material, labor, and equipment that is required to complete the installation.