City Ordinance Gas



110.01 Definition                                                                                                              110.05 Natural Gas Main Extensions

110.02 Purpose                                                                                                                110.06 Aid in Construction

110.03 Service Connection                                                                                              110.07 Rates

110.04 Compliance With Standards and Regulations                                                     110.08 Purchase Gas Adjustment

                                                                                                                                         110.09 Interstate Municipal Gas Agency


110.01 DEFINITION. As used in this chapter, the word "Utility" means the Lamoni Municipal Utilities.

110.02 PURPOSE. The purpose of this chapter is to fix natural gas rates and to provide regulations for control of the municipal gas system.

110.03 SERVICE CONNECTION. No connection fee is charged. However, there is an at-cost charge for material provided by the Utility. The owner/customer must provide a trench and run the service line from the gas main to the premises. The Utility shall make connections to the main and install the regulator, riser and meter. Inspection of all piping and witnessed pressure tests on the service line and interior piping prior to connection of the meter are required. Upon acceptance bythe Utility of a service line, the Utility shall own and maintain the line to the meter at no cost to the customer.

110.04 COMPLIANCE WITH STANDARDS AND REGULATIONS. Only plumbers  licensed by the State may install interior gas piping. Licensed gas plumbers shall abide by the printed Rules and Regulations covering the use of natural gas and the installation of mains, services, meters, piping and appliances for the City. Licensed plumbers shall abide by the requirements set forth in the current edition of the National Fuel Gas Code. Only certified Utility employees may perform work on gas mains and systems, as required by the Iowa Utilities Board and the United States Department of Transportation, Office of Pipeline Safety.

110.05 NATURAL GAS MAN EXTENSIONS. The Utility shall make available natural gas service to customers within its tariff area of a character determined by the Utility subject to the customer's needs and the availability of gas. Extensions shall be consfructed along public roads, streets or right-of-ways, where practical, or where not practical within an easement area on private property. The routing, location of appurtenances and metering shall be determined by the Utility. Within the City limits, the Utility shall extend gas main the first 100 feet beyond the existing main at no cost to the customer. For extensions exceeding 100 feet, an aid in construction fee equal to the cost of material, equipment and labor shall be required.

110.06 AID IN CONSTRUCTION. "Aid in construction" means that fee required by the Utility which amounts to the "at cost" expense of labor, equipment and materials required to extend gas service mains. Said fee shall be received in total payment prior to the ordering of material and the start of construction. Governments and public schools subject to Iowa law may issue a writ or purchase order stating the promise to pay prior to construction and the ordering of materials.

110.07 RATES. Rates for natural gas service are in Section 90.12 of this Code of Ordinances.

110.08 PURCHASE GAS ADJUSTMENT. The Utility shall be empowered to adjust the established consumer gas rates by an adjustment factor to compensate for the changes from the gas supplier to the Utility.


  1. The City has made the following findings and determinations: 

A.  The City authorizes the Utility to implement retail gas service and to be the City's member representative in the Interstate Municipal Gas Agency (IMGA). as a municipal natural gas agency, pursuant to the provisions of the Illinois Joint Municipal Natural Gas Act, contained at Division 119.2 of Article 11 of the Illinois Municipal Code, as amended (the "Act") for the purposes set forth in said Act. 

B.  Exhibit 1 of Ordinance No. 184 is a true and correct copy of the Agency Agreement establishing the IMGA and has been executed by each ini tial member municipality. 

      2.  The City hereby joins as a member of the IMGA with the municipalities listed on Exhibit 2 to Ordinance No. 184, and with          such other municipalities who have subsequently become members of the IMGA.

      3.  The Mayor is authorized and directed to execute and the City Clerk is directed to attest, pursuant to this section, the                  Supplement to the Agency Agreement establishing the IMGA, substantially in the form of Exhibit 3 to Ordinance No. 184.              Said officers, by executing the Supplement to the Agency Agreement shall approve the terms and conditions to the Agency            Agreement and the Supplement to the Agency Agreement.

      4.  The General Manager and Office Manager of the Utility, who have been duly appointed by the Mayor, are hereby                       authorized to serve as the Director and Alternate Director on the IMGA's Board of Directors.