City Ordinance Electric



111.01  Definitions                                                                                             111.06  Scope of Maintenance

111.02  Purpose                                                                                                 111.07  Customer Electric Services

111.03  Rules and Regulations                                                                          111.08  Rural Service Extensions

111.04  Rates                                                                                                     111.09  Service Extensions-to New Subdivisions

111.05  F.A.C. Adjustment                                                                                  111.10  Rural Primary Extensions


111.01      DEFINITIONS.  The following terms are defined for use in this chapter:

1.           "F.A.C."  means the fuel adjustment clause, a factor which  compensates for cost changes caused by the electric supplier to the Utility.

2.          "Tariff" means the platform which defines the rules and parameters of the electric utility as regulated by the Iowa Utilities Board.

3.           "Utility" means the Lamoni Municipal Utilities.

111.02      PURPOSE.  The purpose of this chapter is to provide for the operation  and rates of the municipally owned electric system.

111.03     RULES  AND REGULATIONS.  The rules and regulations  for electric service are contained  in the municipal  electric tariff on file with the Iowa Utilities  Board.  The rules and regulations and subsequent  required  additional  filings  are contained  therein.   A copy of the tariff is on file at the Lamoni Municipal Utilities offices.

111.04      RATES.  The  rates  for  electric  service  are  in  Section  90.13  of  this  Code  of Ordinances.

111.05      F.A.C.  ADJUSTMENT.  The Utility is authorized to adjust the electric rates by a factor as to compensate  for changes caused by the electric supplier to the Utility.

111.06     SCOPE OF MAINTENANCE.  The  Utility  is  responsible   for  all  repairs  and maintenance from the primary electric line, up to and including the secondary meter.  After the secondary electric meter, all maintenance  and repairs are the responsibility of the customer.

111.07      CUSTOMER ELECTRIC SERVICES.  New standard electric secondary services shall require a meter set installation service fee.  New secondary services shall be underground.  A 100-amp meter set and 200-amp meter shall require a respective fee prior to services being activated.  The customer will provide the trench for the installation of the wire from the meter to the main panel box including the connections at both points.  The Utility will provide: a meter set, meter, ground rod, ground rod clamp, bonding copper wire and respective underground wire.  All  lines  and  appurtenances after the  meter are the responsibility of the customer.  For irregular services (400 amp, or 3-phase, etc.) a cost estimate will be provided to the customer upon request.  The estimated cost will be based upon the (at-cost)  cost of materials, equipment and labor (aid in construction).  All fees and aid in construction charges shall be paid in full prior to meter being installed  and services being connected.  In the event that the customer is a government or public school bound by Iowa law, a purchase order or writ stating the customer's promise to pay for labor, equipment and materials will replace the cost or fees being paid in advance of materials being ordered and construction begun.

111.08     RURAL SERVICE EXTENSIONS.  In serving customers  outside  the corporate limits of the City, the Utility shall make all standard, single-phase, line extensions along State or County right-of-ways  at no charge to the customer.  Extensions leaving the right-of-way shall require a contribution of aid in construction for the at-cost of that portion of the extension beyond the first 50  feet on the customer's property to the point of metering.  In the case of underground extensions, the aid in construction cost shall cover the difference between the cost of an overhead construction and the cost of underground construction.

111.09     SERVICE EXTENSIONS TO NEWSUBDIVISIONS.  Primary electric extensions to new subdivision of four or more lots shall require aid in construction by the owner or developer.  The construction method shall be U.R.D. (underground residential distribution) in areas where subdivision development occurs.

111.10      RURAL PRIMARY EXTENSIONS.  Rural and outlying areas may be extended by. overhead or underground distribution methods to service customers who require electric service in areas that are not presently being served.  Said extensions shall be made along public road right-of-ways, or by easement where a public right-of-way is not available. Primary extensions in rural areas shall not be provided to ultimate customers beyond the scope of the geographical tariff area.